Mostly people are moving to Canada on the travel basis. Travel basis moving to Canada also give benefit for taking permanent residency

What precisely is a visa

Basically, a movement visa is a report that shows you’re permitted to enter a particular nation, for a particular period of time, to do a particular thing, immigration consultant in mohali for example, visit or study or work. Except if they present a waiver, our administration requires guests from different nations to get a visa before visiting the U.S.

With respect to American voyagers, a few nations require visas, some don’t, and some base the requirement for a visa on your length of remain.

Do I need one

To start with, visit the “Americans Traveling Abroad” page of the U.S. State Department site to check whether the nation you’re visiting requires a visa. There, you’ll see the particular “section necessities” for that country.

Nearly truly, nations in the Schengen Area – an alliance of 26 for the most part European nations as far north as Norway and as far south as Greece – enable vacationers to visit for as long as 90 days without a visa. Check the sites of these countries’ offices, yet it’s genuinely sure you won’t require a visa to enter them.

Bunches of non-European goals (China, Brazil, and Vietnam, for instance) require a visa regardless of to what extent you’re remaining.

What’s my first move?

When chasing for visa applications on the web, you’ll need to begin at the international safe haven or office site for the country you’re visiting. Normally, you’ll round out visa application structures on the web, print and mail them in, or hand convey them to the country’s nearby office.

In the wake of handling your records, the office will mail you a visa that appends into your identification. All things considered, the procedure takes somewhere in the range of about fourteen days to two months.

What will it cost?

You’ll for the most part need to send a cash request or check alongside your visa application. Average visas run in cost from $50 to $200. For instance, a Brazilian visa costs $160, and an Indian visa costs $76, excepting extra charges.

When we apply for the travel visa then we


  • The essential reports which a candidate must keep prepared before applying for a Canada Visa from India are:
  • Your unique and legitimate identification, with in any event two empty Visa pages.
  • 2 later and conspicuous visa size photos with white foundation and no outskirt. The photographs must have a critical face inclusion, and matte or semi-matte completion. Your name and date of birth must be referenced at the rear of the photograph, and the photograph ought not have been utilized in the past Visas.I it ought to be clicked inside recent months.
  • A Proof of Employment from your present boss. It tends to be a compensation slip or an arrangement letter or No Objection Certificate (NOC). These reports ought to plainly incorporate the candidate’s subtleties identified with the present place of employment.

You ought to have a bank explanation which shows every one of the exchanges happening over a time of most recent a half year, which must incorporate a wide range of exchanges like outside slips, property buys, fixed stores, word related feasibility and so on.

An introductory letter for your Visa on the letterhead of your organization.


  • Download the proper structures.
  • Agenda the applicable alternatives and express your motivation of visit in the structures.
  • Round out the application frame and append all records.
  • Subsequent to perusing the joined security approach, fill the VFS Consent Form.
  • Pay Visa Application Fees according to the Canadian High Commission Office.

Travel history is imperative for getting visa endorsements of different created nations like the Travel history is a reputation of your worldwide visits to an outside nation. Immigration consultant in mohali Consistently individuals change their old identification to another visa and disregard their ongoing visits to the nations. New international IDs are spaces so there is a likelihood that they can disregard their numerous outside visits and appropriate dates of movement.

It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to scan into their movement file for old boarding passes; go agendas to organize travel history in a methodical manner. Much more dreadful, they additionally overlook their visa is as yet legitimate or not to the particular nations and when they travel to this nation. Try not to stress; you can check your movement history through on the web and disconnected.

In the event that you have your old visa, at that point there are no issues on the grounds that at whatever point you enter or exit from an outside nation, you got a movement stamp on your travel papers.

 You can follow your movement history by the assistance of visa stamps and migration stamps.

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