We all eager to go abroad. Going abroad is a dream of 8 out of 10 people in these times. It becomes a passion now. Some people eager to do work over there, some students eager to complete their higher studies over there, some people are very fond of traveling and eager to visit new countries and eager to travel there and make some good memories. But your dream is to go to developed countries do not take you over there. For achieving your goal you have to consult with immigration and visa consultants. Visa and immigration consultants deliver you the perfect advice and proper and latest information. Royal Study Services is the top one in providing the best Visa and Immigration Services. We are highly trusted and experienced in your area. We provide you the topmost visa and immigration services.

What is an Immigrant Visa?
An immigrant visa is given to a foreign citizen who is willing to live and work in other countries on a permanent basis. Once the immigrant visa and accompanying paperwork is appraised and initial by the CBP Officer, the specific immigrant becomes a lawful permanent resident.

Types of Immigrants:
There are four main kinds of immigration status. These four kinds are as follows:
1. Citizens
2. Residents
3. Non-Immigrants
4. Undocumented

Required documents for Visa:
• Valid Passport
• A recent passport size colored photograph.
• Evidence of residences such as a copy of ID card or telephone invoice or water invoice or an electricity invoice.
• Evidence of profession like a certificate of the employer. If you are a student, must tie up a copy of the ID card from the educational institute.
• Evidence of Financial Soundness like an updated bank statement which indicates the enough balance to finance travel to India. Such as endorsement of foreign currency equal to US $150/-

Steps for applying for an Immigrant Visa:
1. File a petition with USCIS
2. Case preparation National Visa Center
3. Visa Interview organized by the National Visa Center (NVC)
4. Medical Exam
5. The day of the Interview
6. Visa Is approved
7. Then, you retrieve your visa.

How long processing time to get an Immigrant Visa?
The standard processing time for a labor certification/ visa appeal/ adjustment of the status procedure is maximum of 1.5 years to 3 years.

Provided Visa and Immigration Services:
Visa and immigration consultant delivers you many kinds of services that prove to be very beneficial for you. These services are as:
• Visa and immigration consultant is an expert in offering or delivering you the best visa and immigration information and services.
• They offer an assessment to the clients for the objectives of upgrading the chances of visa approval of candidates.
• They provide training to the clients for the interviews.
• They assist in upgrading your self-confidence so that you can take an interview confidently which leaves a good impression on the interviewing officer.
• Visa and immigration consultants also have a visa and immigration lawyer who has expert legal knowledge with regards to a visa and immigration.
• A visa and immigration lawyer is one who delivers you the perfect legal advice so in the future you do not have to face any kind of trouble or difficulty.
• A lawyer is the only one who takes a stand for you in court if any kind of legal issue takes place.
• Visa and immigration lawyer is the person who deals with the government from the side of yours.
• They offer you peace of mind because they take responsibility for the entire paper-work and do it carefully. So you do not have to be panic about anything.
• Unfortunately, if any kind of problem comes in the paperwork they take responsibility to deal with it.
• They are active with regards to the latest changes in government policies so they always offer you the perfect and latest information.
• Just because the careful work of an immigration consultant you can avoid costly mistakes.

You have a dream of moving to developed country is good but you can make your dream come true if you receive the accurate and genuine visa and immigration services. Royal Study Services is the top in providing the best Visa and Immigration Services. We are always active and alert with regards to the changes which come in government policies or regulations. We offer you the perfect legal advice. We provide you the topmost visa and immigration services that assist you at every step in your visa and immigration procedure. We help all our clients at every step in the entire procedure. So come to us take our topmost visa and immigration services and make your dream of moving to your desired countries comes true.

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