Visa consultant is a person who provides you the information of how can you get immigration from one country to other country by legal means. As the going and settling to the foreign countries is growing by leaps and bounds, the immigration consultant business is also growing in the past few years. People want to move to the abroad countries on the basis of study, work and business and so on Royal Study service provides the best visa consultation in the Mohali. Royal study service is the prominent and the best visa consultant in Mohali without any fraudulent. We are providing the visa consultation to migrate to Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia and European Countries.
Types of visas:
Royal Study Service assists you in the following types of visas:
1. Study visa
2. Business visa
3. Spouse visa
4. Visitor visa
5. Tourist visa
6. Travel visa
7. Dependent visa
8. Family sponsorship visa
9. Singapore and Australian E-Visa
10. Permanent Residency

Student visa
Nowadays, folks want to go abroad for the leisure, study, work and business purposes. As these countries have the luxurious lifestyles, eye catching monuments and spectacular natural beauty. Students want to get their higher education from these countries as international degree holders are in great demand these days. Getting an international degree will make you well educated and earns a good remuneration. Many countries are also offering the job opportunities and permanent residency in their country after you have completed your education successfully. Many students of north India wants to go for the study and get more advanced knowledge and enhanced their future in these developed countries. Royal Study Service provides with better guidance to the aspirants as we have the experience of student visa to many countries. We have a knowledgeable and professional staff that always makes a good commitment to the students. To the study aspirants, who wants to study in western culture we serve the perfect link between the universities/colleges and the students.

Business or Work visa
People who want to go the developed countries for the business and work visa are welcomed in these countries. Setting up their business and working there will not only enhanced their business and career even it will provide the opportunities to the workers at their countries. So there countries welcome the investors to their nation so that you will contribute to the economy of their country. To get the business and work visa you need to fulfill some requirements applied by these countries. Royal Study Services provide the best and experienced staff to you to get your business and work visa to your desired country and will assist you with proper guidance.

Spouse, Dependent and Family sponsorship visa:
If you have the spouse who is a permanent resident or a citizen of these developed countries then you will go for the spouse, dependent or family sponsorship visa. Spouse visa is only for the conjugal partner, dependent visa is for spouse, dependent children, parents and grandparents and Family sponsorship visa is for the whole family. Royal study service assists with the best guidance to get your desired visa and summon your spouse and whole family near to you.

Tourist, Visitor and Travel visa:
If you want to go to the western and European countries for the leisure purposes, you can opt for the tourist, visitor and travel purposes. The magnificent beauty and the eye catching monuments of these countries are luring the travelers to travel and visit these countries. Travelers are making the biggest contribution in the economy of these countries. So, if have the desire to go to these countries and explore the marvelous beauty of these countries then these options are good for you. ROYA;L Study Service help you to fulfill your dream to visit and travel these countries.
Permanent Residency
If you are well educated and have experience in a particular field then you can apply for the Permanent Residency to these countries. They are offering Permanent residency to the workers who have promising qualifications and experience which can go there and make the contribution in the growth of their country. Royal Study services assist you with proper guidance to get the permanent residency of the developed countries. Our expert team in this field will help to achieve your dream to get the permanent settlement in these countries.

Singapore and Australian E-Visa:
Singapore and Australia are providing the electronic visa to the person who wants to visits these countries for short term purposes such as tourism, business and education. In Singapore and Australia, ETA conducts their visa processing through an Electronic Travel Authority. Royal Study Service guides with proper guidance to get your E- visa to these countries in short duration.

Royal Study service is the reliable and best visa consultant in Mohali, which is providing its services from past years with the maximum success rate. To save from fraudulent visit to the Royal Study Service and get more information and the requirements of the particular type of visa.

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