Travel Visa to Canada

One can travel to Canada for a number of purposes. However, entry to Canada requires a travel visa much like any other country. Depending on the purpose of visit a visa can be of different types. For business purposes, there is the business visa, if the purpose of the visit is leisure and rest, there is a tourist visa. If you want to study in Canada you might need a student visa. If the purpose of your travel is to live in Canada with your family, then you should look into the family class immigration program. But a Canadian travel visa for a temporary time period can be of two types

  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa

Single entry Visa is the kind of travel visa which allows entry to Canada only once. This means that you can only make use of the visa only once after which it will become invalid. Multiple entry visas, on the other hand, can be used multiple times for a fixed period of time. The temporary visas can last for a period of six months. There are certain prerequisites for an applicant to be eligible for the temporary travel visa or visitor visa.

  • You have to have a valid passport and necessary documents.
  • You should be in perfectly good health for travel.
  • Your purpose of the visit should only last within the stipulated time period of the visa after which you should leave Canada.
  • If the visa expires, you must leave the country at once.
  • You shouldn’t partake in any form of formal employment during your stay.
  • You should have no criminal record and should abide by the rules and laws of Canada.

You can consult Royal Study Services for further inquiries on visa applications for the purpose of a temporary travel visa for Canada.