In Todays scenario study visa is the most trendy visa. Trendy in this way there are so many reasons for like Indian people thinking that study is the better visa for the students only . Most probably study visa gives chance to the students for shifting or moving from one place to another place For secure future.

Study visa means like those students belongs from other countries like India , US or  from any other country . So that students moving to another country for pursuing our education or future into the countries .

Indians people have more courage to moving to Canada or Indian parents students now scenario just complete their 12th into the India after that they will give exam for language . Because Canada have requirement must clear language test after that our are eligible for moving to another countries Immigration consultant in Chandigarh.

Most of the students go with study visa rather then apoplying permanent residence . For students study visa is one the best option for moving to Canada or any other countries.


Now a time study visa have a lot of  scope  in todays scenario . Study visa is more trust worthy visa for settling in abroad.

Through study visa students can easily shift to other countries or study or continue our life into very smooth way. Its like key to success but who have determination to win the victory into country then should move once.



That is everyone know that in Canada there have top most college and universities over there .  So There education system is very different from the Indian education system.

In Canada just born with practical knowledge rather then by taking bookish knowledge.

Canada education is the best education systems by comparing to other countries. In Canada students should go only 3 days In a week rest of the days they do work or ant part time job which gives benefits to the students .

Pursuing education in the Canadian universities and colleges is like you have obtaining maintaining your future in very well maintain way.

Canadian colleges and universities  degree have a lot of scope in every where in the Canada.There you porpouse is not just taking degree . So there is value of your degree . As well as you can take good job with your degree.


Once you move to Canada with study visa then your life is only is in your hands . There is every pearson life independent way. In Canad with study you are eligible for the work . You can take any part time job for bearing expenses overtheir or surive your life according to your way.

In Canada most probably students are doing part time work just because of fillging the fees of the college by our own ways .

This is the very best in Canada there is every one equal . There is no difference between rich people and poor people not like India . So this the way of Canada economy is strong from our economy.


So here study visa is the way of taking permanent residency or for more benefits. Study visa gives a lot of advantages to your future or career .  For taking permanent residence through study visa .So there is also process  . If you are living in Canada from 5 to 10  years with or crime free history there is most chance taking Canadian PR from the Canadian government.

In Canadian permanent residence so there is the program  for taking more benefits

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a migration classification for Canada’s remote specialists who wish to convert our study visa into permanent residency .

Short lived outside workers are ideal plausibility for Canadian relocation (enduring living course of action). Having procured Canadian work understanding, these individuals have recently died down into Canadian culture and developed huge frameworks in their systems and their callings.

See whether you meet all necessities for a Canadian movement program.

Canadian Experience Class applications are taken care of through the Express Entry assurance structure for relocation to Canada. Qualified candidates must make a surge of eagerness for moving to Canada, make an online Express Entry profile, and get an Invitation to Apply for invariable living game plan before they may make an application.

CEC necessities

Up-and-comers must meet the going with least necessities. They should Have gotten in any occasion one year of capable, master or concentrated work contribution with Canada inside three years of the application date; and

Plan to live and work outside of the territory of Quebec (individuals with work inclusion with Quebec and who expect to stay in Quebec may apply to the Quebec Experience Class).

Competitors can remain in Canada all through the application method. Regardless, the Canadian Experience Class is also open to individuals who are no longer in Canada, gave that they present their application inside three years of leaving their calling in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class necessities rely upon a pass or bomb model. In case the base necessities are met, the applicant is able to enter the Express Entry Via Immigration consultant in Chandigarh.

Self-business and work experience got while you were a full-time understudy (for example, on a network work term) doesn’t count under this program.

Great option for the Students

Subsequent to finishing a program or course of concentrate at a Canadian instructive foundation, numerous universal alumni can stay in the nation on post-graduate work grants. In the case of, during this time, an alumni gets in any event one year of work in a gifted, proficient or specialized field, they may then get qualified to enter the Express Entry pool under the Canadian Experience Class.

So these are the some benefits for study visa those want to go with study visa.

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