Student Visa to Canada

Though there are aspirants scrambling to land a student visa to Australia, New Zealand or Germany, Canada has always been the most desired place by students. Along with its socially comfortable environment, multicultural setup and the good quality of life, the low cost of education and the ease of landing a student visa make Canada the most educational immigration-friendly country in the world. World-class institutions with international ties also help in establishing Canada as the most favorable country to immigrate to for education. All Indian students are allowed in Canada and the only prerequisite is a Study permit and a Temporary Resident Visa which together make up the complete student visa.

In order to gain your student visa, you must first prove your English language skills through a proficiency test like IELTS. Along with that, you have to meet certain requirements to receive your study permit and temporary resident visa.

Requirements for study permit and temporary resident visa

  • Applicant should have an acceptance letter from the educational institution they are going to attend.
  • He or she should also possess a valid passport.
  • Applicant must be able to prove through necessary documents that they can support themselves financially.
  • They should also have no criminal record and should not be a risk of security to Canada.
  • They should also undergo a medical examination and should be physically fit.

Why study in Canada?

United Nations have proclaimed Canada to be one of the best countries in terms of quality of life. Canada offers quality education for the cheapest tuition fee you can find in any country. It also allows its student migrants to work part-time to keep up with their living expenses and is comparatively better in the matter of hate crimes.

Therefore, you can consult Royal Study Services for further inquiries for a student visa to Canada.