Singapore and Australian E-Visa

Traveling to Singapore and Australia for any given purpose like the business, tourism or even for the purpose of education requires visa like any other country. Both these countries, however, provide the provision of electronic visa. In Australia and Singapore, ETA conducts their visa processing through an Electronic Travel Authority. This allows citizens of other countries to travel to both these countries for short-term purposes like business or tourism.

Australia e-Visa

ETA in Australia allows you to apply for an Australian visa for conducting business in the country. You can also use this e-visa to Australia for visiting your relatives and friends in the country as well. As Australia is an ideal country for adventure tourism, e-visa facilities become blessedly convenient for the travel buffs. ETA allows tourism visas to Australia as visitor visas. ETA system means travel agents and airline offices that you have one step easy access to your visa requirements.

Singapore e-Visa

In Singapore, ETA functions in a similar way. Singapore e-visa helps you to conduct short-term business, visit friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Singapore is also a fine place for tourism and the e-visa makes the process of a tourist visa easy for you. Travelers who are tourists to Singapore need an e- tourist visa in the form of an ETA.

E-visa to Australia allows multiple visits to Australia for stays that last three months at a time. It is also valid for 12 months. The Singapore e visa allows you to stay in the country for a thirty-day period and it would only take meager 3-4 business days to process the visa. ETA for both countries helps make the visa processing easy and convenient.

You can, however, consult Royal Study Services for further inquiries on electronic travel authority for Singapore and Australia.