Getting your visa to developed countries is not like a piece of cake. You need to contemplate about different things and for the documentation and visa process you need a visa counselor for all the procedure who will consult you with all the rules, guidelines, atmospheric conditions, courses availability and other things which are mandatory for you to know. Visa consultant is a person who provides you the information of how can you gets immigration from one country to other country by legal means. Royal Study services are the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh. We are an eminent visa consultant delivering our services in an ethical way.
Why Royal Study Services are best immigration consultant in Chandigarh?
Although there are many visa consultant in Chandigarh, choosing the best visa consultant for you is essential for the smooth processing of your file, which are honest and reliable. We understand the requirements of our client and guide them with the best. We provide customer support round the clock. We have the maximum success rate in study visa. We have experts in visa consulting who will guide you with all the things you need to know. They have knowledge and experience about the visa programs and countries under the sun. We have all the qualities that a best immigration consultant must have.
We are providing various types of visas to the Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and European countries:
1. Study visa: students are going to do the study in developed countries as the international degree holders are in huge demand. To the study aspirants, who wants to study in western culture we serve the perfect link between the universities/colleges and the students.
2. Business visa: developed countries welcome the business person to their country so that they will contribute to the economy of their country. To get the business and work visa you entail to fulfill some requirements applied by these countries. Royal Study Services provide the best and experienced staff to you to get your business and work visa to your desired country.
3. Spouse, Dependent and Family sponsorship visa:
Spouse visa is only for the conjugal partner, dependent visa is for spouse, dependent children, parents and grandparents and Family sponsorship visa is for the whole family.
4. Tourist, Visitor and Travel visa:
If you have desire to go to the western and European countries for the leisure purposes, you can choose for the tourist, visitor and travel purposes. The stupendous beauty and the eye catching monuments of these countries are alluring the travelers to travel and visit these countries.
5. Permanent Residency
If you are well educated and have experience in a particular field then you can apply for the Permanent Residency to these countries. They are offering Permanent residency to the workers who have promising qualifications and experience which can go there and make the contribution in the growth of their country.

Services we provide:
1. Study visa counseling: we are consulting the students for foreign studies and guide them choosing the best career option for them after checking their past qualifications and interests. After assessing the candidate’s English language skills and their previous education grades we recommend them the best study course for them.
2. Colleges and universities selection: selecting the universities or colleges for the higher education is not as easy as abc. You entail to check various factors to get admission in particular educational institute. Our professional and experienced consultants have a wide erudition about the courses and the availability in colleges and universities and they will guide you with the best after checking your personal, academic, financial and other factors.
3. Visa assistant: we guide the students in selecting their study programs and provide them complete information about the visa type, conditions and obligations. We assist the student in preparing their file that meets all the requirements of the country’s visa guidelines to ensure the 100% successful visa. We are the renowned visa consultant as we make ensure that the application process is smooth.
4. Financial assistance: money plays the paramount role in getting your study visa to your dream country. We provide assistance to the students for the study loan. We have knowledge about the national and other private banks and their rules and regulations on international education loan. We share detailed information with the students and their parents.
5. Client assistance: we provide complete assistance to the clients for the preparation of visa interview. For the 100% success rate we provide our customers the mock interviews and practices.
6. Pre landing services: immigrating to other country is a crucial process. We offer the pre landing services to our clients so that they can face the foreign livings. We organize the pre departure training sessions in which we explain each and every aspect of pre landing to the students so that they can travel to abroad country without any trouble.
7. Post landing services: we provide the post departure services such as picking from the airport to providing the accommodation. We all arranged this, so that you will not face any type of complication after your landing in the foreign countries.

To get the visa to your desired country contact the Royal Study Services. We are the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh delivering our immigration consultant services with no fraudulent and guide our client with best. To get the more information contact us.

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