More and more people in these times want to move to Canada. They migrate to Canada on many types of basis such as study, work, and many more. But for a successful migration to Canada, you need so many Canada Immigration Services. Royal Study Services provides the best ever Canadian Immigration Services to all the clients. We are leading one and considered as the top one in providing Canadian immigration services.

Canadian immigration Services:
Canadian immigration law firm offers so many services for all programs of Canada Immigration. We can assists you whether you are a family who is expecting to move as workers, an entrepreneur who is expecting to launch a new business, or a spouse who is hoping to sponsor your partner.
• Express Entry
• Quebec immigration
• Provisional Nominee
• Family Sponsorship
• Temporary visas
• International Student Program
• Our fees
• Methods of payment
• Free Immigration consultation
• Inadmissibility

Express Entry
Express entry bordering Canada’s three largest immigration programs. These are:
Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
Express entry is a department of experts who are expert in these programs and also who have high success in securing the permanent resident status for the clients. Our team will assist you at every step of the procedure, from assessing eligibility to submit your express entry profile, to getting an invitation to apply and submitting a final application for your residence.

Quebec Immigration:
Quebec operates its own Quebec Immigration programs which separate from all territories. On the behalf of Quebec immigration, we have a department that is dedicated to serving the Quebec immigration clients. In the recent few years, the team of Canada gets to succeed in securing permanent residence for hundreds of families via QUEBEC Skilled Worker (QSW) and Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

Provisional Nominee:
Each of the countries and territories of Canada operates its own immigration programs. It is called Provisional Nominee Programs (PNPs) and there are more than 80 of these programs in the country. we have a team of specialists who are experts in all of these streams. If you are qualified for PNP then our team will offer or provide you the full support via preparing, submitting, and monitoring your application.

Family Sponsorship:
For the Canadian citizens and permanent residents, the family sponsorship immigration program of Canada assists their loved ones to reunite them in Canada. It assists you in staying with your own family and also helps you in creating warm and unforgettable memories.

Temporary Visas:
The temporary visas allow entry to Canada for a temporary period of time. Temporary visas and permits contain the visitor’s visa, work permits, and study permits. If you would like to move to Canada as a visitor, worker, or student our team will assist you in preparing the proper application.

International Student Program:
For getting the status of a permanent resident of Canada doing your studies from Canada is the strongest step. Retrieving a Canadian educational recommendation can make you able or eligible for work permits, express entry, and PNPs. international student program department of Canadim’s is fully staffed to assist you from picking a school or college and program, to getting admission to a school or college, for securing your visa.

Role of Canadian Immigration Services:
You need various types of Canadian immigration services. We have already discussed the main Canadian immigration services. These are very important and essential. Here, we make you clear with regards to the role of Canadian immigration services. These are as follows:
• We need an express entry for obtaining permanent residence in Canada.
• We require Quebec Immigration for securing our permanent resident.
• PNP is a program for skilled workers, education, and work experience
• Family sponsorship assists a Canadian or permanent resident of Canada to invite this or her family to them and spend time with them.
• Temporary visa allows students, workers, or tourists to stay in Canada for a temporary period of time.
• International student program assists students in getting admission in one of the schools or colleges of Canada.

Our Fees:
Our fees are depending on the program for which Canadian immigration programs you are eligible. Our fees depend on the immigration services too which your case requires, and the number of people involved in your immigration application. But as compare to other service providers you have to pay very nominal charges in the form of our fees.

So as you know all the about all Canadian Immigration Services. For these services, we require the best one who helps you in getting these services and also helps you in getting the status of a permanent resident of Canada. Royal Study Services provides the best ever Canadian Immigration Services to all the clients. So come to us to get the best ever Canadian Immigration services.

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