Today, students are very willing to do their studies from developed countries or foreign countries. Study in foreign countries becomes a passion for the students now a day. every second student wants to go to foreign countries for completing their studies. Some students get scholarships also. For achieving their goal of studying in foreign countries you must have a study visa which makes you eligible for going abroad for studies and complete your studies. Royal Study service is the experienced one in Study Visa in Chandigarh. We are the leading in your area. We provide you the best services. We are responsible for advising you on the best course according to your field and the best college or university for your admission.

What is Study Visa?
Let’s talk about Study Visa. a student visa is an approval by the immigration authorities on your passport. It specifies that you are allowed to enter and stay to study for a specified period of time. The specified time of period is according to the course you have chosen to take admission in. it makes you eligible for completing your study in foreign countries.

Purpose of Study Visa:
A student visa is an agreement that is added to a government passport, that permits foreign students to study at other country’s qualified educational institutions. Any willing student who wants to complete their higher studies from any foreign country he or she must have a valid student visa from that country. if you do not have a visa you are not able to do your higher studies from other countries.

Benefits of Study visa:
• Live in a new environment
• Get benefit from a world-class education
• Gain experience after study
• enjoy an excellent quality of life
• Have experienced a new culture
• Discover the natural beauty of there country
• Make you amiable
• make new friends
• Get a chance to enjoy your life
• make your future bright

Required documents for applying for Student Visa:
• A valid passport
• A recent colored passport size photo
• The nonimmigrant visa application, Form DS-160
• The receipt of application fee payment
• An eligibility certificate for Nonimmigrant (F1) Student Status (Form 1-20)

Steps for getting a study visa:
1. Apply to a SEVP approved institution
2. Pay the SEVIS fee
3. Complete student visa application
4. Pay the visa application fee
5. Schedule and attend a student visa interview
6. Get your visa
7. Use your visa and complete your study over there.
8. Departure from the country after the specified period of time.

Requirements of visa extension:
A study visa is issued for a specific time period. If in case, your study permit expires before completion of your studies then you need to apply for renewal of study permit. You must apply at least 30 days before your current permit expires. For studying in the other country a valid study permit must require. If you do not have a valid study permit or your study permit is expired then you have to depart from their country. if you want to extend the validity of your study permit you have to renew your study permit otherwise you have to leave that country. Candidates can submit their application through mail or online for extending the validity of your study visa.

Role of a Study Visa Consultant:
• A consultant plays a very important role in your process of study visa.
• He or she gives you the best advice regarding your study.
• He or she tells you the best course for admission according to your study.
• He or she helps you to get admission to the best college or university.
• He or she helps in getting scholarships to brilliant students.
• He or she takes responsibility for the entire documentation process.
• He or she is responsible for all your paperwork and legal task.
• A study visa consultant makes you ready for the interview process so you can easily clear the student visa interview.

There are so many students who have a dream to study in foreign or developed countries and want to make their dream comes true. But for achieving their goal of study abroad they need perfect guidance. Sometimes students do not get proper guidance and they select the wrong course which leads them to trouble. Sometimes, it becomes the reason for the refusal of their study visa. So for avoiding this, you need an experienced study visa consultant who gives you perfect advice which will prove to be beneficial for approval of your visa. Royal Study service is the experienced one in Study Visa in Chandigarh. We help you in choosing the best course and help you in getting admission to the best college or university. once you come to us, you become our responsibility. We are responsible for achieving your goal. Get our services and achieve your goal.

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