Australia is the most seeking country among the masses to travel, study, work and settles. It is the most beautiful and successful country in the world. Country’s people have the high on hog living lifestyle. Country’s richness and the comfortable lifestyle are alluring the masses to go there and settle with their families. Royal Study services are providing the best immigration services in Punjab. We are the best Australian immigration consultant in Mohali. We have an excellent track record with one of the highest success rates for Australian immigration. People from all over from Punjab have been benefited from our experience in providing visa consultant to Australia.
How to immigrate to Australia from India?
You can migrate to Australia from India under these programs:
1. Study visa
2. Tourist visa
3. Skilled independent visa
4. Skilled nominated visa
5. Spouse visa

Study visa to Australia:
Australian government provides the opportunity to the students to go there and study in their world’s prestigious and prominent universities and colleges. Along with the studies, the student can explore the worth seeking places in Australia. They can explore and learn about the art, history and literature of the country with studies. Students can participate in their desired study programs at world’s best universities or colleges. Before applying to study visa to Australia you must check your eligibility.
Eligibility to study visa to Australia:
1. Must have a valid passport.
2. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement.
3. Documents of your previous qualification such as provisional certificates, backlogs, transcripts and others.
4. Proof of your IELTS scores.
5. Proof of funds stating that you have enough financial funds to support yourself throughout your stay in Australia. It covers your all living expenses, expenses for dependants and return air fare.
6. Candidate must hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) or either falls in any of the exemption categories.

Tourist visa to Australia:
Australia has the most beautiful landscapes and many worth seeking places. People can to get around the marvelous monuments, museums and many others. Beautiful beaches and the lush green surroundings are adding beauty to the country vast richness. This country is alluring the travelers to go there and do the adventure and explore this country. Tourist visa to Australia is offering the great services to the travelers to come here and explore the great diversity in culture and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the country.

Skilled Independent Visa (SubClass 189):
This visa offers the permanent residence to the applicants. If you have promising educational qualifications, experience and skill in particular trade apply under this program. This visa is for the ones who do not have any sponsorship from Australia. This visa is solely depends on candidate skills, experience and profile score as this visa is a point based visa. Candidate will be eligible for the security schemes provided by Australian government, if you will get this visa. Candidate can sponsor their family for permanent residency or temporary residence in Australia.
Skilled Nominated Visa (SubClass 190)
In skilled nominated visa, there is allowance to the skilled workers, to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. For apply under this program, first you need to get the nomination from a state or territory government agency in Australia.
Eligibility to apply for skilled nominated visa:
1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
2. Candidate must score at least 60 points based on applicant profile factors such as age, qualification, experience, English proficiency and other such components if applicable.
3. Must have Good IELTS band scores.
4. Must be under 50 years of old.
5. Have valid health and character certifications.

Spouse visa (SubClass 309/100):
If you are the spouse of the permanent residence or citizen in Australia or eligible to New Zealand, you can apply under this category.
1. You have to proof your relationship through communication texts on social media platforms, photos and other documents.
2. Certificate of marriage.
3. Proof of funds.
4. Must have a health insurance.

You can be granted visa under this category if:

1. There is child from the relationship but your relationship breaks down.
2. Your partner dies and you can show that your relationship will be continued if he/she will live and you have personal ties in Australia.
3. If your relationship breaks down and you and your family units are suffering from family violence.

Migrating to Australia is not as easy as abc, you need to contemplate about various things. Royal Study services are the best Australian immigration consultant in Mohali. We are the conversant with all the norms and documents for the Austarlian immigration. We have so far provided opportunities for hundreds of people from around the north region to migrate and settle in one of the most sought after countries in the world. We are an eminent and over the board visa consultant in Mohali. If you want to be emigrant to Australia, contact us for the best visa consultants.

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