Migrating to Canada is the talk of the town in students these days as this country has the world’s most prestigious and prominent universities and colleges. Canada is one of the foreign study destinations for a world class education. Along with world’s ranked educational institute, life in Canada is bed of roses. People in the north region are seriously concerned about their future, so many are migrating to developed countries to get higher education and achieve their goals in life. Royal Study Services are the best Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh. We are a veteran and over the board immigration consultant in north region. We have the maximum success rate for consulting in Study visa to Canada.
Study visa to Canada:
Although there are many developed countries to study, Canada is the most demanding country in the students as country’s has the world ranked universities and colleges. To get the Canada study visa candidates need to fulfill some requirements such as language proficiency and educational qualifications according to the course you want to choose.
Requirements of study visa to Canada:
1. Candidate must have a valid passport.
2. IELTS band scores 6.5 overall not less than 6 in each.
3. Documents of recently passed education from a recognized university such as transcripts, backlogs, provisional degree certificates.
4. Financial statements stating that you have enough fund yourself during your stay.
5. Candidate has to gone through medical examination.
6. Police clearance certificate stating that you have no previous criminal record.

Process of Canada study visa:
STEP 1: APPLY FOR ADMISSION IN COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY: there are thousands of colleges and universities in Canada. Candidate need to do proper research of best universities and colleges, relevant courses according to their previous academic qualifications. After that, visit on the website of the college and university and check all the detailed information about the course, fee structure, duration and other things. After contemplating on all things you need to apply for the college. After accepting you request they will provide you an offer letter. Royal study services have the best visa counselors that are conversant with the educational institutes and courses availability. They will give you the best that suited for you. We have all the knowledge of documentation and full visa process.

STEP 2: PAY TUITION FEE: after receiving the offer letter, you need to pay your tuition fee as mentioned in the letter. This payment is transferred by international wire. Once they received the tuition fee, they will provide you a receipt.
STEP 3: PURCHASE OF GIC (GUARANTEED INVESTMENT CERTIFICATE): student must buy GIC of 10,200 Canadian dollars from a participating Nova Scotia Bank for the adjustment in the living expenses in first year. This is non redeemable payment. After arriving in Canada, candidate receive 2000$ immediately and next 8000$ will be paid to students in 12 equal installments.
STEP 4: UNDERTAKE MEDICALS: candidates have to gone through medical examination from a recognized Canadian doctor. You will be provided a receipt that will be applied with a visa.

Why to study in Canada?
• Studying in Canada will not only make you educated it will make you opulent.
• Studying in Canada will open up the immense opportunities for you in future.
• Along with study, pupils can to get round and explore the breathtaking beauty of the country.
• It also allows its student migrants to work part-time to keep up with their living expenses
• Fee in Canadian universities and colleges is cheap and cheerful with quality education as compares to other nations.
• Country atmosphere is secure and safe.
Why Royal study services are the best visa consultant?
1. We have the knowledge of all the documentation and visa process under the sun.
2. We provide the post and pre departures training sessions to the students so that they will not face any kind of problem after arriving at Canada.
3. We provide accommodation and pick up from airport facility to students.
4. We provide assistance to the students for the study loans. We have the knowledge of all the national banks providing education loans. We share all the information with students along with their parents.

Getting your Canada study visa is not like a piece of cake, you have to contemplate about various things. Royal Study Services is an eminent and honest Canada visa consultant in Chandigarh who will provide you all the necessary knowledge that you must know. We are delivering our services in an ethical way. We are the brand that you can bank upon. We have experts having 5 to 10 years of experience in consulting who will guide with the best. We have the highest success rate in consulting in Study visa to Canada. Enthusiastic student who dreams about studying in Canada can contact us.

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