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Visa consultants are those who are providing the information to the ones who have the desire to go to abroad with legal processes. Students from all over the globe are migrating to the developed countries in prestigious universities and college to get the international degree certificates as the international certificate holders are in great demand these days. The vogue of migrating and study in foreign countries is escalating day by day because of the living lifestyle and more opportunities of work in developed countries. After the completion of the degree or diploma, some countries are also providing the permanent residency to them. These countries are popular among students now a days. We at the Royal Study Services provides the best study visa consultants in Mohali for migrating NewZealand, Australia , Canada and Germany.

Study Visa to Canada
Although aspirants are sought to land for study visa to Australia, New Zealand and Germany , Canada is the most desired destination for most of the students by dint of having comfortable lifestyles and prestigious universities and colleges. Canada has the most prominent and world best ranked universities and colleges. After the completion of the courses, students get the post study work permit and permanent residency after completing the requirements.
To get the student visa to Canada you will need to complete the following requirements:-
1. Student must have the overall 6.5 IELTS band score for applying the study visa to Canada. IELTS is the English proficiency test for checking whether you will communicate with people in English or not to study in a reputed colleges in Canada.
2. He/ she should have the acceptance letter from the Canadian institute where he/she wants to go for study.
3. Candidate have the valid passport.
4. Applicant have to proves with legally documents that he/she will support them financially.
5. He/She should not have any criminal record.
6. They should be physically well as they have to undergone for the medical examinations.
Study Visa to Australia
After the Canada, Australia is the second preferred destination for students for study. Australia is the incredible country to explore with having glances of greenery and mesmerizing architecture. Lakes and beaches in Australia are adding the glory to this nation. Australia has the renowned and the best educational institute to study and enhance your future.
The requirements of the Australian student visa are as follows:
1. CoE (Confirmation Of Enrolment) which is given by the institute stating that the tution fee is paid by student.
2. A valid passport.
3. OSHC health insurance.
4. The student must have 5.5 bands in IELTS to apply for Australia.
5. Candidate don’t have any criminal records.
6. Birth Certificate of the applicants.
7. He/she have the banking statements of financial ability which includes living expenses, tuition fees, return airfare, and other expenses.
Study Visa to New Zealand:
New Zealand is the third most beautiful country in the world. This country is also the choice of many study aspirants because of its marvelous and eye catching places and the world famous educational institutes with affordable prices. The tranquil environment and the greenery of the New Zealand lures many people to come there and study to get better learning and grow in life.
Students who wants to apply for New Zealand needs to meet the following requirements:
1. Candidate must have a valid passport.
2. Letter of acceptance from New Zealand educational institute stating the college fee and course duration
3. Certificates of Education such as transcripts, backlogs, degree/diploma or other educational certificates.
4. Bank Statements stating that you have financial stable to cost your living expenses.
5. Full medical examination Certificate

Study Visa to European countries:
Europe is the most beautiful city in the world with having marvelous monuments and breathtaking natural beauty. Europe has the rich cultural heritages and one of the most high standard livings in the world. Along with the mesmerizing beauty, it is prominent in the students for the study as it has the world rank holders universities and colleges. Germany has no.1 technical university in the world which are giving the astonishing innovations in the technical area. That’s why, Germany is the on the first option for students to study there and enhance their future in affordable prices.
Requirements of study in European countries:
1. A valid passport
2. Letter of acceptance from the European countries.
3. Proof of academic qualification such as degree or diploma certificates, backlogs, transcripts etc.
4. Proof of financial means such as scholarships, bank account statements and sponsorship.
5. Proof of occupation such as whether you were employed, self employed or student.
6. Proof of medical examination.

Royal study services provides the best immigration experts for you that which country is best suitable for you to study further. Royal Study Services is the best study visa consultant in Mohali. Contact to the Royal Study Services for taking the best study visa consultation . For the students living far from mohali , we have the online options for you . Apply online and get the student visa of your desired country after fulfilling the requirements.

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