The vogue of migrating to the developed countries is at the peak point because of the luxurious lifestyles, magnificent beauty and spectacular monuments of these countries. With the growing trend in migration, the business of the immigration consultants in Punjab are also growing by leaps and bounds. Although people wants to go to the developed countries such as America, Australia, new Zealand , Canada is the most demanding these days by dint of its comfortable lifestyle and well established organizations. Royal Study Services is the leading in immigration and visa consultant for Canada in North India. We are the best immigration consultants in Punjab for Canada.

Royal Study Services provides the consultant and visa in these categories:
1. Study visa
2. Business visa
3. Spouse visa
4. Visitor visa
5. Tourist visa
6. Travel visa
7. Dependent visa
8. Family Sponsorship visa

Study Visa:
Most of the students these days are going to Canada to get their higher education as having an international degree will make you to get a good job in future, international degree holders are in great demand these days. Receiving a Canadian study visa is not as easy as abc you need a good consultant who will guide you with all the pros and cons in the visa. Royal Study Services will assist you in proper way to achieve your dream to study in Canada. To get the study visa to Canada you need to fulfill the following requirements:
1. Candidate must have a valid passport.
2. He/she have a acceptance letter from the recognized university or college in Canada.
3. Applicant should not have previous criminal record.
4. Candidate should be physically fit as they need to undergo for a medical examination.
5. Mandatory documents stating that he/ she can financially support themselves

Business visa:

If you are planning to invest in business in Canada or have to desire to do business in Canada then opt for the business visa to Canada as the Canadian government is giving the permanent and business opportunities to the investors. Three main processes for applying under business visa are:

1. The Investor program: The visitors who have the high net worth can go for this program. They will need to invest $8,00,000 with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for five years. This program offers the permanent residency to the investors and their family

2. The Entrepreneur program: under this program, candidate should make a substantial investment in the business within two years of coming to the Canada and should be able to prove that he/she is successful in managing the business. They can also employ any worker permanent resident or Canadian citizen in this program.

3. The self employed persons program: This program is for those who are contributing in the economy, culture and community of Canada. They can be farmers, sportsperson or celebrities who are managing the large farmlands

Spouse visa:
Canadian government allows the permanent and Canadian resident of 18 or more years of age to sponsor their conjugal partner to come , live and work there.
1. Candidate should have 18 years in age
2. Permanent or Canada resident
3. A marriage certificate
4. Photos of you and your partner together
5. Communication through photos, emails or letters.
6. Join agreements such as bank accounts or lease agreements.
Sponsor will be responsible for three years , after he/ she become the permanent residence the spouse will not able to spouse another one for next 2 years.

Visitor visa:
Like other countries, people are like to visit the Canada to see its eye catching beauty. Canadian government invites the visitors to visit and explore the country.

1. Must have a valid passport that have expiry date of 6 months or more.
2. Financial statements states that you have eligible funds to stay in Canada.
3. He/ she should intend to go for a the employment
4. Candidate must haven’t any criminal records

Tourist visa:
Getting a tourist visa to Canada is like as easy as abc .
Tourist visa is for the leisure and wandering purposes in Canada.
1. Have a valid passport that have a expiry date of 6 months or more.
2. Candidate should be physically fit
3. No criminal record
4. Proof of funds

Travel Visa:
To travel to Canada you can opt for the travel visa. It is of two types:
1. Single entry visa
2. Multiple entry visa
1. Must have a valid passport.
2. No criminal records.
3. Proof of funds
4. Candidate must be physically well

Dependent visa: Canada has a Family Immigration program in which a citizen of Canada can sponsor their spouse, dependent children, parents, grandparents to Canada

1. Sponsors should have to prove their relationship with the spouse, grandparents or children.
2. Sponsor must have enough resources to take care of their child, parents , spouse or grandparents .
3. Sponsor should be 18 or more years of old.

Family Sponsorship visa
Canada is providing the Family class sponsorship program which allows the citizens or permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their family.

1. Sponsor must be 18 or more years of old.
2. Must be financially stable to take care of them.
3. The candidate have to prove their relationship with the person.

Royal Study Services are the best immigration consultants in Punjab for Canada immigration. If you have the dream to go to Canada contact us ,our expert team will guides you in the proper ways that which program will suits you the best and help in every possible way.

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