Spouse visa is the allowance to married partner of the immigrating country’s citizen to migrate to that country as he/she is legally married to the one who is settled in that country. The person is the resident of that country and has no restrictions on the stay in the country. People are going to the developed countries and settling with their families because of the comfortable lifestyle, advancements in the modern facilities and better opportunities in those countries. To order to get the spouse visa you need to the country where your partner is immigrate you need to fulfill the requirements issued by the government of that country. Royal Study Services is the best spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh. Our expert’s team is providing the consultation services from a decade without any fraudulent.
Spouse visa to Canada:
Canada is the most demanding and the best country to settle with the families. Spouse visa to the Canada is easily achievable as compared to the most of the countries. Canadian government allows their residents or citizens to summon their loved ones near to them. The easiest way to immigrate to Canada is the through the spousal sponsorship program in Canada. After getting this visa, one can do work in any desired field in Canada. The duration of the visa relay on the visa duration of the main applicant. The best thing is for this visa you do not require of work experience and qualification.

Spousal sponsorship program in Canada:
Spousal sponsorship program is the sub country of a family sponsorship program approved by the Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada. The permanent resident and citizen of the Canada can summon their conjugal or common law partner to the Canada under this program.
The candidate is able to get the visa in outland and inland sponsorship program depends on the residence of the partner in the country. If the partner being sponsored is living in the country with temporary status then he/she will get the inland sponsorship or if they are living outside the country then it is outland sponsorship.
To get the visa you need to fulfill the following requirements:
1. Candidate should be 18 or more in age.
2. Should have a valid passport.
3. Marriage: You should have legally marriage certificate and should possesses a documentation to prove your marriage and ongoing relationship such as photos of you and your partner together, communication through phone, E-mails and letter.
4. Qualification Requirement: No need of formal qualification.
5. IELTS Score: no requirement of IELTS.
6. Funds required: no requirement of old funds, just have that much money that you should support yourself in starting days till you get a job.
7. Fee of visa: 255$
8. Biometric fee: 5$
9. Application Type: Online and offline both modes are available but we suggest online mode
10. Processing time: the time of processing is depends on the high commission but most probably it will take minimum 6 to 10 weeks.
Sponsor will be responsible for three years, after he/ she become the permanent residence the spouse will not able to spouse another one for next 2 years.

Spouse visa to Australia:
Australia is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing countries. People desire to go there and settled there with their families because of the high living of standards and modern lifestyle. The beautiful lakes and the mesmerizing monuments are adding glory to the beauty in this country.
To get the spouse visa to Australia the candidate need to fulfill the following requirements:
1. Have a valid passport.
2. Must be of age 18 years or more.
3. Whether you and your partner are legally married or not you and your spouse have a commitment to share a life as a husband and wife.
4. Your relationship is genuine and in continuity
5. You and your spouse don’t live separately on a permanent basis
6. If you are not legally married, your relationship must be 1 years old and showing that in this period you and partner lived together.
7. Candidate should pass a health and character criteria.
The partner may be opposite or same sex. Visa is issued on the temporary basis for the two years of duration, after the expiration of visa, reexamination of relationship can be acquired to get the permanent residency.

Spouse visa is the easiest method that you can get without any higher degrees or certifications and experience. Royal Study Services will assist with the proper guidance and give you the detailed information of everything to get the spouse visa in short duration. Our expert team in this will help in every possible way; we are the expert in spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh providing our services from a decade. Contact us to fulfill your desire to get the spouse visa …

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