Business Visa to Canada

Though there are many ideal countries to conduct overseas business in, a Canada business visa is something which is easily attainable as compared to a Singapore business visa or a business visa to Australia unlike what most people would imagine. Canada is an ideal place for people looking towards investment coupled with settlement. There are three immigration programs under the Canada Business Immigration Program through which individuals with business managerial experience and a good net-worth can apply for permanent residence in Canada. The three categories of immigration programs are the following.

  • The Investor Program

    This program is for the migration of people who have the ability to invest in business. The applicants for this program are expected to have a relatively high net worth. It also allows both the investor and their family to take up permanent residence. Canada is most amenable towards its foreign investors who contribute to the country’s economy. They are also required to invest $800,000 with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for five years.

  • The Entrepreneur Program

    To apply for permanent residence through this program, the applicant should establish or make a substantial investment in a business within two years of coming to the country and should also be able to prove that they have actively engaged in the management of a successful business. They should also be able to employ a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in their business as well. Through this, the Canadian government also intent to promote employment creation.

  • The Self-Employed Persons Program

    This is for applicants who have given significant contribution to the Canadian economy or its cultural and community life. They can be actors, sportsmen or other kinds of celebrities or farmers who have brought and are successfully managing large farmlands.

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